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How does it work?

Balloon Zoom is powered by the air that is pumped into the balloon. Simply pump, launch, and race!

What ages are suitable to play with this?

Balloon Zoom is suitable for children ages 3 and up with adult supervision.

Are the balloons reusable?

Yes, the balloons included with Balloon Zoom are reusable.

What balloons work with this?

Balloon Zoom works with a small balloon, approximately is 3.5 inches X 6.5 inches.

Where can I purchase replacement balloons?

Yes, you can purchase replacement balloons on the website during checkout.

Where can I purchase extra cars?

Yes, you can purchase additional cars on the website during checkout.

Are batteries needed or is charging required?

No, Balloon Zoom does not require batteries or charging. Balloon Zoom is powered by the air that is pumped into the balloon.


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